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You might have noticed that a couple of weeks ago a gorgeous young man appeared on the Staxus site without much fanfare. We usually make some noise about the new boys we have joining the site, especially when they are as sexy and hot as this young man. But in the case of new boy Kamyk Walker we wanted to see what you guys would say about him when you saw him appear like a perfectly packaged surprise! ;)

He definitely got some attention, especially from our die-hard fans out there who pick up on these things.

So we thought it was about time we formally introduced you to this sexy young twink and shared a little information with you guys too. And not only that, you get to see the first interview conducted by our new “special correspondent” Connor Levi too!

Yeah, as if it wasn’t enough that we have a new sexy twink like Kamyk Walker joining the team we’ve made Connor our very own behind-the-scenes reporter!

So, check out the video above, find out some more about this gorgeous young man, and stay tuned for more. We have a great interview with Brad Fitt tomorrow that you are not going to want to miss ;)

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