I think most people wonder what it’s like to be on a gay porn set. All my friends I talked to about this topic consistently agreed that it would just be awesome to know what it feels like, what the guys are doing in their breaks, and how they manage to restrain themselves so that they can fuck for hours without cumming all the time ;)

To be honest, I guess the breaks are the least motivating part of a shoot. When the lighting needs adjustment, when the couch isn’t placed correctly, or when someone had a premature cumshot, the models need to take a break.

You can imagine that it often isn’t much fun to hang around with your boner in your hands and your buddy at your side, but you’re not allowed to make good use of either! This backstage pic with Lior Hod on the left possibly shows how bored Lior was during the break, even though big dicked Alex Whale was just inches away!

But rest assured, both boys had enough fun afterwards, when the cameras were rolling again – and you can watch their sticky result tomorrow onย Staxus.com!

Tell us your suggestions on how to spice things up during the breaks! What would you do if you were an assistant on set? How would you keep the boys entertained? Let us know your ideas and leave us a comment!

PS: On the last pic, you can see director John Smith speaking to Navon Raffi andโ€ฆ? Come on, you know that horny fucker, don’t you? ;)