I have a long list of things I need to do today, but an even longer list of things I really wish I was doing today. After watching this remastered scene starring Nikandro Sideropulos and Pablo Totti I have another couple of things to add to that wish list.

Alas, I doubt I’ll be leaving my desk before the sun goes down, but I can at least imagine what it would be like to be spending some time with these two guys out on the water, wanking and sucking those hard young cocks, enjoying some tight and deep ass action and splashing out some heavy loads.

Nikandro is the one taking the lead as he and his buddy Pablo float down the river, getting their uncut cocks out for some fun and feasting on each other.

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This Sleazy Riders video really makes me wish I was out there right now with a buddy, enjoying the sun and each other.

Make sure you’re back tomorrow to see the remastered video arrive!

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