We all have questions in life, some are big and some are not so.

For instance, I would like to know why those little bags of peanuts on flights seem to be packaged so securely you need a team of people with engineering degrees to get into them. I’d also love to know whether cats are jealous of birds being able to fly, and is that why they mercilessly hunt them. Most prominent in my mind recently is why Donald Trump persists with his fake tan and candyfloss hair.

Seriously, that last one is unexplainable. I can only assume it has something to do with his tiny hands.

These are vitally important questions I think we would all love the answers to, but although gorgeous young Staxus Exclusive Angel Lopez might not be able to enlighten us on these most serious of musings, he can certainly tell you guys a little more about himself in a special Q&A session coming up!

We’ve had some very nice interviews with some of the other boys here in the past (if you haven’t read the interview with Mike Cole then you should take a look), but this time, we want you to get more involved in this verbal probing.

We want to hear what YOU GUYS want to know from our amazing young Angel!

Once we’ve collated all the submitted questions below this post my lovely counterpart Andy will be presenting the best ones to our handsome and horny performer and giving you the answers you crave.

All you need to do is have a good long think about what you most want to know from delicious Angel Lopez, then post your question in the comments below. Yes, it’s as easy as that, far easier than explaining Donald Trump.

Get going! We all want to see what you guys can come up with. Please refrain from posting hypothetical questions like “would you rather be attacked by a man-sized duck, or ten duck-sized men”. This kind of question will not likely make it to the short-list. Besides, I already asked him, and he said he’d rather be attacked by a man-sized duck because the duvet he could make out of it would be awesome*

*Technically not true