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Q&A with stunning bottom boy Mike Cole – part 1

Q&A with stunning bottom boy Mike Cole – part 1

You´ve seen him get fucked by several big dicked fuckers – you`ve seen him how he got „used“ by kinky Izan Lopez– and tomorrow you will enjoy him riding on Simon Caress’ handsome ramrod!

With his 19 years he has a lot to talk about – and Mike Cole really told it all! He spoke about his very first time, his sexual preferences, his favourite fetish moments and his best buddy on four paws – and lots of other things! All that dressed in a black t-Shirt from One Piece and red underpants :) I thought this info could be important for us fans ;)

Q: Hi Mike, thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview. I guess you are a pretty busy young man and in big demand?

A: Hi, yes I am haha. It´s nice to have lots to do – but I also enjoy my time at home, when I can relax with my best friend.

Q: Oh, did I miss anything? I thought you are single… Tell me, is it a boyfriend or a girlfriend you are speaking of?

A: Haha neither nor! At the moment I am single and enjoy my freedom. The one I am speaking of is my dog :)

Q: Would you like to tell us its name?

A: It’s a male Dalmatian and his name is Hércules. I really really love him!

Mike Cole & dog

Q: He’s almost as cute as yo are :) So … you don’t have a boyfriend at the moment. Would you like to have one or is it okay this way?

A: I would like to have, but not at any price.

Q: Do you believe in love at first sight?

A: Yes – and once in my life it happened to me, but that’s really a bit too private ;)

Q: No problem! You have some nice experiences concerning porn we can chat about, like Football Focus 2 with Max Bishop, then Sperm Team with Joshua Levy, the shower threesome with Joel Vargas and Zane Pieters.

There happened a – little „accident“ while shooting – you obviously came too soon, unexpected – and many fans loved that because it was so authentic and realistic. How did it come?

shower-threeway-10 shower-threeway-11

A: I felt comfortable while recording and it was inevitable. I really enjoy it when I fuck and get fucked at the same time or have a cock in my mouth and a cock in my ass. That´s my favourite thing – and I got that in the shower, so I had to cum. Haha

Q: Do we speak of having sex in front of a camera – or is it the same in your private sex life as well?

A: It´s pretty much the same in private life. I prefer to top and to bottom at the same time which means I need two sex partners. If that´s not possible, then I prefer to top. And I love kiss in sex. The more kissing the better.

Q: Do you want to tell us where your  first ever male to male contact happened? At home or in the school toilets or…?

A: In the streets with my neighbours.

Q: haha on the streets? Honestly?

A: Yes, behind some bushes near the street.

Q: Hey that’s a cool location for your first dick in your mouth haha! Since then, do you fuck only with gay boys or do you date with straight guys as well?

At this stage we’ll take a short break – and don’t miss part two of this interview tomorrow when Mike speaks about his favourite fetish, if he prefers beer or whine (or water haha) and where you could meet him on Friday evenings!