Hi Guys,

Well last week I decided to take a long earned break so I flew off to Vinius, Lithuania for a few days to site see and relax. I wasn’t expecting much but I was very pleasantly surprised as Vilnius is absolutely beautiful, especially the old town. I’m also fascinated by Eastern European history so visited a few museums relating to the Soviet occupation of Lithuania and the old KGB headquaters in Vilnius. Definetly not a place I would want to be locked up in (but could make for an interersting shoot !). I spent three days in total in Vilnius and would definetly recommend it to anyone who likes to explore and likes city breaks. The only downside was that the weather wasnt amazing.

I must also add that the boys there are gorgeous. Almost a mix of Slavic and Scandinavian looks I would say with the odd Russian mixed in. I think its somewhere we should start recruiting as I think Lithuanian boys would be very popular on Staxus.

I’m now back home and packing ready for a week of shoots in Wales. I’ll try and post some updates during the week for you all as well.