In the quiet home of our dear Nico, days unfold wrapped in an atmosphere of unrestricted freedom, where nudity is the norm. When the doorbell announces the arrival of his pizza delivery, Nico, without hesitation, welcomes the delivery person with the same naturalness he exudes in his home, devoid of any trace of clothing.

With the typical haste of one who enjoys the comfort of home, Nico realizes he doesn’t have the money on hand to settle the delivery. With an apologetic smile, he invites the delivery person inside while he searches for the necessary sum. However, in his eagerness to resolve the situation, Nico doesn’t anticipate the unexpected turn the encounter will take.

While Nico searches for the necessary money among his belongings, the delivery person, surprised but composed, decides to follow his host’s example and sheds his clothes, thus joining the relaxed atmosphere of the place. It’s in that moment of inadvertent synchrony that both find themselves, naked and uninhibited, sharing a moment that defies social conventions with natural elegance and silent complicity.

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