I know, I say it to every model I make an interview with (and it’s always true!), but this time I am not just honoured to meet sexy boy Jake Stark, I am more than fucking excited to meet one of the biggest newcomers 2018 and ask him some noisy and sexy, in the best case also intriguing questions to bring you this lovely young man we see fucking around on Staxus.com a little bit closer!

Staxus: Hola Jake! How does it feel to be so famous?

Jake: Hola! Haha! Oh, it feels great! I never was the shy boy, so it’s great to be able to show off and make men all around the world happy with my videos. I like it and I hope I can shoot more videos in my porn career.

Staxus: I am sure there is no lack of interested guys who would like to spread their cheeks for your boner. Speaking of boner, what never fails making you hard?

Jake: When a cute boy sucks me! I love getting my dick sucked, because this way I can see my own cock and the boy’s handsome face at the same time. That’s a combination that always makes me hard.

Staxus: And we’ve seen in some STAXUS videos that you like to white-wash those boys’s faces with your cum afterwards haha! In private life, where do you prefer to cum on a boy’s body?

Jake: It’s actually the face. Before my first shooting took place, John [the director of STAXUS movies] asked me this question as well and since then he remembers that I like to cum in a boy’s face. He’s a really nice man who always wants me to feel comfortable and wants to present me and the other models as authentic as possible when we have sex.

Staxus: Yes, I already heard he takes his time to get to know the models first before the hard fucking in front of the cameras takes place. Which of your scenes did you like best so far?

Jake: My best scene probably was the one with Joel. He’s such a cute, charming gay boy who knows exactly what to do. I really enjoyed having sex with him. I mean, I liked the sex with the other boys as well, but Joel was really special to me.

Staxus: Oh, sounds as if someone in this room fell in love with him…?

Jake: Haha, yes, could be! Honestly, he’s just perfect. Wouldn’t mind fucking him all day.

Staxus: When the church bells ring, don’t forget to invite us! Haha

Let’s have a look on the private Jake Stark. You’ve shared some private pics with us before, but which one does represent the „private“ Jake best?

Jake: Hmmm, I think the pic at the water. I love chilling on the beach and it’s the perfect place to check out other boys and their bodies.

Staxus: And here are some pics taken from your STAXUS scenes. Which one do you think represents you best?

Jake: I would say this one where I chill on the couch, wearing no shirt. That’s how I usually am at home as well. Or that one with Jaro’s cock in my ass, that’s how I like to see myself.

Staxus: Do you watch your own videos?

Jake: Yes, I do. And yes, I also wank to it. Not because of me, but it helps to remind me to how great the real sex was with my partner and that makes me horny! But when I have a boyfriend, I would not watch my porn scenes with him haha

Staxus: How often do you have sex when you don’t shoot porn?

Jake: I would say twice a week is realistic. Many people don’t have the courage to date me because they think I am too handsome. But I don’t bite – and if so, only when I am asked for! Haha

Staxus: What was the most unusual place you ever had sex?

Jake: Hmmm, maybe not unusal, but really exciting: I had sex in the toilets of my gym. Me and a buddy of mine worked out, went into the shower and soaped each other. But we didn’t dare to fuck there, so we moved to the toilets and I fucked him with just the soap and some spit as lube.

Staxus: Why didn’t you fuck in the shower? I don’t think you have a problem to show your talents?

Jake: No, but real life is no gay porn, unfortunately. I don’t think the majority of the other gym visitors would be happy to see me and my buddy splattering our cum in their shower! Tolerance may find its end when you cum on a straight guy’s feet! Haha

Staxus: Imagine their faces! But no worries, I’d lick it off! Haha – On a more serious note, what would you like to do one day? What is your big goal in life?

Jake: I would like to travel the world, jump down from a waterfall and survive haha – and meet the man of my dreams.

Staxus: Attention guys! How does he have to be?

Jake: He has to flash me when we meet! I believe in love on first sight, so he has to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside when we look each other into the eyes for the first time. He has to make me laugh and he has to make me happy in bed!

Staxus: Many thanks for these informations, Jake! I keep my fingers crossed that you find your Mr. Right; and that you shoot lots of porn scenes with us before! Haha

Jake: You can follow me on twitter – https://twitter.com/JakeStarkXXX – When I meet Mr. Right, I’ll let you know!