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Tag: Staxus Review

Check Out The Just Us Boys Staxus Review – Vote!

You know, there are a few places out there that talk about Staxus and share reviews of the scenes and the site itself. There are some that list info for all of the other major sites too, sometimes they can be good, and other times they can be very bad. But when a site features something about Staxus we want to share it, because it...

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Staxus RAW Site Review

Welcome to the first in a series of reviews for the Staxus hardcore content, and we’re kicking this off with a Staxus RAW site review to get all you horny gay bareback hardcore lovers stiff and slippery with precum! As you probably guessed, Staxus RAW is all about the hardcore bareback action, condom-free and skin-on-skin. It’s packed with naked hard cock sliding into some hot...

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