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Tag: Staxus Interview

New Scene on Staxus: Paul Walker Gives An Interview With Happy End HD

I mentioned that I’m really enjoying the new format for these Staxus interview and wanking videos, and this new arrival with Paul Walker is definitely a hot example of that. We’ve learned a lot about him in this update. For instance, although he’s straight he gets off on knowing that there are a lot of guys out the cumming to his shows and enjoying seeing...

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Model Interview: Daniel Prince

I was going to mention this yesterday, but I had too much other horny stuff to share with you all and kind of put it off until today. If you haven’t noticed, there’s a great new model interview video on the Staxus site with the sexy twink boy Daniel Prince, and I know a lot of you will want to see it! Thew interviews really...

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Staxus Model Interview: Jaden Fox

Wow, I have a hell of a lot to share with you this evening on the Staxus blog, and I think you’re going to be kept very busy if you haven’t checked out all the latest action on the site yet. I’m starting today’s posting off with a model interview, which is something I don’t think we’ve seen on the site for a few months...

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Staxus Model Interview: Alexander Syden

I know a lot of you guys really enjoy the interviews with some of the hottest Staxus stars on the site, and some of the members will have already logged in today to find out more about the sexy twink Alexander Syden in his interview. This is a shorter question and answer session than some of the others we’ve had, but when you see it...

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Meet Kamyk Walker!

You might have noticed that a couple of weeks ago a gorgeous young man appeared on the Staxus site without much fanfare. We usually make some noise about the new boys we have joining the site, especially when they are as sexy and hot as this young man. But in the case of new boy Kamyk Walker we wanted to see what you guys would...

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