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Tag: Staxus Dirty Fuckers

Coming Soon on Staxus: Sucked, fucked and pissed upon

I can guess that quite a few of you guys have been checking out this new gallery on the Staxus site and can’t wait to see the kinky gay sex these hot boys share in their video when it arrives. I’m right there with you, I’m a fan of both Adrian Smallwood and Sven Laarson, so seeing these new boys together in a video is...

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New Scene on Staxus: Rim, ride and open wide HD

I’m guessing that plenty of you horny guys have already been enjoying the new twink fisting scene on the Staxus site since it arrived, but I have to mention it again and share another pic just to make sure you don’t miss out on the arrival of this video. We’ve had a great month of top-quality hardcore on the site throughout November, and although I...

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Featured Scene: Receiver’s hole

First, I should tell you that my date last night went very well, very well indeed. In fact, we’re meeting up again later this evening. So that’s why I’m sharing some action with you guys a little earlier than usual. We have a new Staxus scene on the way which I’ll be giving you a sneaky peek at in a little while, but before I...

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New Scene on Staxus: Rimmed, fucked and fisted HD

So, we saw some photos from this new scene on the Staxus site yesterday, and it seems that many of the members have been watching the video since it arrived, and enjoying it too. I know there are a lot of fans of twink fisting videos, and this one should definitely be making it onto a lot of faves lists ;) Sexy worker Orlando White...

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Coming Soon on Staxus: Rimmed, fucked and fisted

I think a lot of you anal action fans will really wish you were young twink boy Matt Johnson when you see this kinky twink fisting video on the Staxus site. He has one of the hottest boys using his hole and stretching him out, and Orlando White is loving every minute of it if these photos are any indication – which of course they...

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Coming Soon on Staxus: Incessantly horny

I promised you some pics of the new scene on the Staxus site this evening and I hope I’ve delivered just the right little collection in this post to get you all hard and horny and looking for more. Although, just how much work do I need to do when the boys appearing in a scene are as gorgeous as Kris Wallace and Kevin Ateah?!...

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Coming Soon on Staxus: Dick & Tom DP cumhungry Brit Connor and jizz in his face!

So, I promised something pretty special this evening, and I think I have delivered (in all fairness, it’s not me who’s delivered but the guys in this video and at Staxus! lol) Everyone’s favorite slutty British boy Connor Levi is back in action with a double team effort of muscle cock, from hunky boys Dick Casey and Tom – who I think is a brand...

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Featured Scene: Deeper than ever before

As you get older it becomes important to have a prostate exam. I know a lot of guys really don’t look forward to that at all, but it has to be said that if it turned into what this Staxus video becomes I’m not sure many of us would be complaining at all! lol Young hairy guy Kyle Lucas is seemingly surprised by how pleasurable...

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