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Tag: Rolando Wyer

Featured Scene: Hot, hot, hot

I was pretty sure that I had featured this Staxus scene on the blog already, but after a little searching it seems that I had somehow missed it! So, I’m correcting that now, because I think you really deserve to see the immense muscle bottom Rolando Wyer getting inches of dribbling cock in his mouth and butt from Alex Granger and Jesse Shaw! Jesse and Rolando...

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Featured Scene: Heartily deep-throating

I don’t think the word handsome does Mike Cage justice, but how else can I describe him? Is he Angelic? He’s certainly not as innocent as an angel for this really delicious threeway with Rolando Wyer and Damian Dickey in the Staxus Dirty Fuckers category, another one of my recent favorite shoots. I know a lot of you are as into the kinky action and...

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