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Tag: Robbie Masters

Featured Scene: Making the bed creak

I have a date this evening. Well, I say it’s a date, it’s really just a hook up with a guy I met a couple of months ago who’s decided that he’s a little curious about things. I’m looking forward to it, the guy is seriously hot. So in preparation I’ve been checking out some of the best scenes on the Staxus site (in my...

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Featured Scene: A really good man cock suck

This is one of those gay bareback threesome scenes on the site for all the lovers of cum play. I’m not kidding, when you see the messy cum loads at the end of this Staxus video and and the way the boys get off on it you will be unloading your balls along with them, if you haven’t already! I was actually asking one of...

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Featured Scene: A boxing match

After the last gay bukkake video I featured on the Staxus blog I really got in the mood for a hardcore gay orgy video, and it didn’t take me long to find a great one to jerk off over either! This is one that I haven’t featured on the blog before, and I was really surprised that I hadn’t watched it yet either. The scenes...

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