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Tag: Ray Weil

Featured Scene: Bukkake twink slut

As a huge cock sucking and cum shot fan I have to confess that one of my fetishes is gay bukkake porn. I fucking LOVE seeing a guy sucking off a load of cocks and having their cum loads splashing out all over him, and I was pretty surprised that I hadn’t shared this video from the Staxus site on the blog already. It’s been...

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Featured Scene: Uncut 4-way jizz-fest

I was certain that I had already shared this gay fourgy video on the Staxus blog before, but after a little checking it seems that I may have missed out adding it! I have to apologize, because it’s a really hot scene that you will have wanted to jerk off over if you’d known about it! lol It’s a great mix of beautiful boys in...

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Featured Scene: The last cumshots!

Hey guys, happy Friday! I’m having an amazing day today, I’ve been out house hunting and found a place I can imagine living in for a while, big and clean and sunny (at the moment at least lol) and I’m totally now lost in my own little mind thinking about what I can do the place ;) And of course it’s Friday night, so it’s...

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Featured Scene: 3-way beach spit-roasting

I don’t know what’s gotten into me recently, but I’ve really been enjoying all the outdoor gay sex scenes on the Staxus site, and I’ve been finding a lot that I’ve never seen before too. So, before I share the latest video to arrive on the site today, I have another video of some hot sex in the sun to show you guys. I think...

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Featured Scene: A horny office fuck

I was talking to one of my friends this afternoon – who also happens to be a die-hard Staxus fan and member of the site – and asking him which of the guys he thought was the most hung. He’s a big fan of hung uncut cocks, and he almost gave me a list of some of our hottest guys. But Ray Weil was near...

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