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Tag: Nicolas Cruz

Featured Scene: Behind closed doors HD

I know it seems like nonsense to describe a boy as a muscled twink, but I think in the case of young floppy-haired Chris Hoyt it might be a more accurate description than simply calling him  a twink. He’s not exactly a skinny young twink boy, he has some definition on him and that tight body is so hot to see in action. He’s joined...

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Featured Scene: Horse hung beauty

It’s time for another post of pics of a scene a little further back in the Staxus site, and I have a feeling that many of you will really enjoy this one starring Jack Cameron, Nicolas Cruz and Nick Roth. It’s a big dick threesome that starts off innocently enough (as innocent as horny boys like these can be) with Jack and Nicolas enjoying some...

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Featured Scene: Down at the beach HD

I’m going to start this post off by asking if you’ve had a good Monday so far. I know it’s a horrid day for many, but despite the fact that it’s the start of the working week and it’s rainy and grey here, I’ve had a pretty good day. I had lunch with a gorgeous young man I met at the gym last week and...

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Featured Scene: A little bit of muscle

This is definitely one of those Staxus scenes for all the fans of muscle boys. I guess we have a few boys on the site that could be described as such, but I think Ennio Guardi is one of the hottest of them all. I know there are a lot of his fans here, and after more of you guys check out this video of...

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Featured Scene: A really good, satisfying wank

So we’ve come to the end of another week on the Staxus blog, and I can already see that we have a lot of guys coming here to enjoy our delights and give themselves a little treat. Well done you! You’ve made the right choice ;) We’ll have the weekly recap post in a little while, for all the lazy boys who have only just...

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Featured Scene: Horny day of reckoning

It might be a little freaky to set a porn video to a story like this with “Hannibal” Nicolas Cruz and hung boy Caleb Moreton. I think this is one of those stories that had a whole lot of attention from Staxus members, and perhaps not for the right reasons. But, once you can get past all the creepiness of the whole Hannibal story, the...

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Featured Scene: Dumping a huge, sticky load HD

Prison guard Daniel Wood is the one getting plenty of attention from his captive Nicolas Cruz in this gay prison sex scene. I was looking for something to share with you guys on the blog before I get some pics of a brand new Staxus scene on here for you guys a little later and one of my fuck buddies suggested this one. It was...

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Featured Scene: A boy that craves dick big time

Good evening all! It’s the end of the weekend, and although I know a lot of you guys will probably be tucked up in bed by now (depending where you are in the world of course) I know there will be a lot of regular readers here checking out some of the action on the Staxus site. I guess I’m not alone in enjoying a...

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Featured Scene: Prison-bait

We’ve all heard about the things that happen in prison. I guess it’s not unlike the stories from the military – when you have so many horny guys in one place it’s inevitable that they’ll get to the point where they need to cum with someone so bad they’ll go gay and learn to appreciate some man sex. For the teens in the prison system...

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