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Tag: mutual sucking

Featured Scene: Two skater punks

There’s been a lot of sexy gay skater boy action on the Staxus site recently, but many of the fans know that this is certainly not the first time we’ve ventured into this horny theme. There are numerous other scenes on the site from way back with some hot action like this, and when I found this one I thought you guys might want to...

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Featured Scene: A stunning, sensual encounter

As is often the case on the Staxus site, a scene title gives a good idea of what you can expect in a video. This one is pretty spot on, but there’s no room to add that there’s some big uncut cocks to enjoy with Alan Craft and Philippe Delvaux in this impressive pairing! A shared and relaxed drink leads to a lot more between...

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Coming Soon on Staxus: Bathed, shaved, fucked

I have to say that of all the things I would love to have Boris Orla do to me, shaving is probably not even on my top 50 list. There’s plenty I would love to get down to with this guy! Connor Levi is getting a more thorough experience with the hunk in this new Staxus video though, it seems, as the guys get down...

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Coming Soon on Staxus: Incessantly horny

I promised you some pics of the new scene on the Staxus site this evening and I hope I’ve delivered just the right little collection in this post to get you all hard and horny and looking for more. Although, just how much work do I need to do when the boys appearing in a scene are as gorgeous as Kris Wallace and Kevin Ateah?!...

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Featured Scene: The first full morning of sex

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Saturday! I’m enjoying some sun this evening and sitting out there in the garden with my Jack and Coke, I think I’ll even put some music on and blast the neighbors out with some Nirvana – rockin’ out old skool ;) So I have a couple of posts for you this evening. You’ll expect some new action a...

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Featured Scene: Horny teens

I guess the title of this one is pretty short and sweet, but right to the point! This is bout two horny teens who need some cock real bad, and they get in this video! I was looking through the site today to find a good scene to share with you all before I get on to the new one a little later, and I...

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Featured Scene: Hard cock into tight hole

I have to start this post off with saying a big hello to all our regular readers on the East coast of the US, currently facing a record-breaking storm. I’m sure news has travelled around the world and a lot of our readers are following what’s happening. So if you are in the area, please stay safe and know that a lot of people around...

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Featured Scene: A fit of sexual hunger

Are you ever been reminded of a hot boy you knew when you see a lad on the Staxus site? I’ve had that happen to me a few times now, and it happened again to me this evening when I was watching these two gorgeous Czech twinks sharing their uncut cocks with each other in this immense bareback session. The more muscled boy on the...

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