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Tag: Milos Zambu

Featured Scene: No Break!

Are you guys ready for an overdose of hotness this evening? I’m not even kidding, we have a new scene on the Staxus site already that will have a lot of you excited, because it features fan fave Brad Fitt getting fucked by new boy Orlando White! Yeah, I know I am not alone in my adoration of the new boy, and seeing him giving...

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Featured Scene: 5-way poolboy gang-bang

I’ve been going through a lot of the scenes on the Staxus site that I’ve never had the chance to check out yet, and I have to apologize for never bringing this gay orgy video to you guys before now. I’ve seen the gallery for this hot scene several times but for some reason never watched the video, and now that I have I had...

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Featured Scene: Sweaty twink’s double cum frenzy

So it’s the middle of the week and I guess that some of you are probably in that weird place where you don’t know whether to be happy that the weekend is closer or depressed that there are still a couple of days to go. But I think I have something from the Staxus site that will at least help you to chill out this...

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Featured Scene: A blue-eyed starlet

Hey guys! I’m guessing a lot of you are probably on the edge of your seats watching what’s happening in Cyprus right now, and I’m with you on that if you’re nervous! But I think we all need a little break from it all – especially if you’re a bit of a news addict like I am! lol So what do I have from the...

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Featured Scene: Cock Measurement

I’m going to start off the featured posts today with the theme of hung European cocks. Oh, unless you don’t want to check out some big ol’ dicks today and want something else instead? No? I didn’t think so ;) Although we’re probably not all about size, it does go without saying that we have a lot of massively hung boys appearing in many of...

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