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Tag: michael moon

Coming Soon on Staxus: Winter Wonderland Part 3: 5-Guy Fuck-Fest – A shower of jizz from every direction!

Although it’s probably true to say that most of us are not even slightly religious, I do feel the need to wish everyone a happy Easter. I’m still not entirely sure how eggs and bunnies fit into the Bible, but I think we can all ignore that in favour of enjoying the long weekend (for some of us) and feasting on chocolate to the point...

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Physio jock-sniffing deep-muscle massage goes all the way!

Physical injury is the greatest threat to any would-be footballer’s career, so it always pays for a player to have a good relationship with the team’s Physio. Whether you should be quite as intimate as these two guys, however, is a professional quandary that we’ll leave you to ponder on. Suffice it to say that Paul Cube is only too willing and eager to give...

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Locker room four way fuck fest

Changing rooms can be real horny places – after all, where else do you get such intensity of sweat and testosterone? So it’s little wonder that STAXUS exclusive, Tim Law, is overcome when he finds himself surrounding by football shirts and boots. Law is a smooth, barely-legal looking boy babe who (as quickly becomes apparent) loves a cock in his mouth and a cock up...

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