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Tag: Marcel Bimore

Featured Scene: Unusual bedside manner

I do hope that every one of you has managed to overcome whatever degree of hangover you may have been dealing with yesterday. I was feeling a little rough, but after enjoying some of the videos on the Staxus site last night I started to feel miraculously better. I guess the sight of so many gorgeous guys all enjoying some horny fun is enough to...

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Featured Scene: The world of hard dicks HD

When it comes to really hot guys with long cocks, you can’t really go wrong with Marcel Bimore. Although he supposedly retired from hardcore porn a few years ago, it seems he regularly reappears in Staxus videos to share that delicious dick with other guys, and this bareback video in the Staxus Uniforms collection with Tom Nutt was just one of those occasions. There is...

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Featured Scene: Czech mega-slut

I guess a lot of you have probably already noticed that we have a new video on the Staxus site this evening, and I suspect that many of you have already logged in to watch it too. But if you haven’t seen it yet, stick around and check out some of the photos from the shoot coming your way on here very shortly! Before I...

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Featured Scene: Policeman’s fly

I’ve always had a thing for guys in uniform, and that’s why I love these cop and army shoots we have on the Staxus site. I’ve been watching a lot of these over the last few weeks, and now that we have some more military cock scenes on the way I’m really looking forward to seeing them as they’re added. I was actually going through...

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Featured Scene: Office meeting cum-loaded threesome

Have you guys all been having a great weekend so far? Mine has been interesting! I went out on a date last night and got sucked off in a restroom by a really hot guy I’m hoping to see again, and he actually reminded me of Lubor Blake in this video. He’s the muscle boss getting some cock and ass in this hot gay three-some...

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