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Tag: luis bigdog

Featured Scene: Terrific ball-bustin’ threesome

There are a lot of gay threesome videos on the Staxus site, and I’ve shared a lot of them on the blog. But I was quite surprised to find that I hadn’t shared this one with you horny guys yet, considering it’s one of my faves to watch and I’ve jerked off to it more than a few times ;) Christian Elliot, Luis Bigdog and...

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Featured Scene: Ruthlessly spit-roasted

First I have to mention that the gay army video I shared with you guys yesterday is on the site, and after watching the whole thing I have to say it was definitely worth the little wait! I know some of you get so turned on seeing the pics and having to wait a few hours to see the video (and a lot of members...

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Featured Scene: Two fire fighters smooching away

Of all the fantasy guys that get my cock hard and dribbling, I think the firefighters have to be one of the sexiest. We love filming a whole lot of uniform action at Staxus, and we have a lot of cop, military and other uniform porn in plenty of our scenes – but the gay firefighter cock porn always gets me wanking! I was looking...

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Featured Scene: Sweet & innocent? Not for fuckin’ long, as Bigdog marks his raw scent! (Staxus » Abused)

A superb bit of casting teams young Todd Reid – whose sweet vulnerability always seems to ooze from the screen – with top-notch top-man, Luis Bigdog. Of course, the fact that the scene begins with Reid tied to a chair and confronted by a hangman’s noose only serves to underscore the youngster’s sensitivity; though Bigdog appears to show little (if any) reticence when it comes...

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