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Tag: Lucas Davidson

New Scene on Staxus: Locker room spit roasting HD

I have absolutely no doubt at all that plenty of you have been wanking out some juice to the soccer boy threesome on the Staxus site after seeing some of the pics from the gallery yesterday, and after watching it myself this afternoon for the first time I can totally understand why all three of these boys are so popular. Jordan Jacobs is a bundle...

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Featured Scene: Locker room spit roasting

After a little bit of an unexpected pub crawl last night I have to confess that I am feeling a little worse for wear today. But, along with the hangover, I have that peculiar horniness that I always seem to get after a night out too. So, this afternoon I’ve been on the Staxus site and looking through some of the hot videos I shared...

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New Scene on Staxus: Spanked and fucked

Yes, you lucky popsicles! You have a brand new video to check out on the Staxus site this evening, and all you lovers of twink spanking porn and kinky sex will love this one! So, this video is so new on the site that it doesn’t even have a description yet. But I think you can see from these pics what kind of hot action...

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New Scene on Staxus: Spunky deliveries HD

I suppose a lot of you are already well aware of this twink bareback scene on the Staxus site now. I think a lot of the members have been watching it and adding it to their favourites list too since it arrived on the site. But of course, I have to share some photos of the action on the blog for all those who might...

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