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Tag: Jake Zhang

New Scene on Staxus: A hot outdoor threesome HD

I was quite sure that this scene would be a popular one with the Staxus members when I shared some photos of the action on the blog yesterday, and from the comments I’ve seen on the site for this one today it seems I was right (again! lol) But then, with boys like these enjoying their dicks in an outdoor gay threesome, is it any...

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Coming Soon on Staxus: A hot outdoor threesome

I have no doubt that most of you have plenty of the Staxus twink threesome videos in your favorites collection already, but this one is going to make it onto plenty of those lists too when you see it, I’m absolutely sure of that. I’ve been checking out the gallery for this new scene before the video arrives later, and I picked out some of...

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New Scene on Staxus: Two Double-Penetrations For The Price Of One, As Three Soccer Boys Fuck & Suck Off-Pitch!

Are you ready for a little bit of an overdose this evening? I know, you can handle plenty, just like Cody Reed can in this twink double penetration scene on the Staxus site! We all love these twink double penetration scenes, or at least a majority of the members do. Since we started adding them a few months ago we’ve seen more and more being...

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