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Tag: Jacob Bishop

Featured Scene: 4-man orgy in the police showers

I was sure I’d already shared this Staxus scene on the blog, but after a quick search it seems I was mistaken. Well, with an intense gay gang bang video like this one I had to rectify that problem right away and share some of the pics from this group fuck for all the guys here who might not have watched it yet. It’s a...

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Featured Scene: A meaty, rubber-free knob-end

You know I’ve really been enjoying the hardcore gay orgy scenes on the Staxus site in the last couple of weeks, but I especially love the gay gang bang videos like this one with Falco White getting plenty of cock from a gang of buddies. We saw him just yesterday getting three army dicks and a triple helping of hot cum over him in a...

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Featured Scene: Fresh military talent

I mentioned in the last post that the guys are apparently talking about some new action and themes for 2013, and I know that some of the guys on the Staxus Forum have been discussing what they would love to see in the future videos too. But after watching this army cock sucking scene on the site I would definitely like to suggest some more...

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Featured Scene: A very probing investigation

So we had some horny gay firemen earlier today, and on my travels around the Staxus site I found another great video of some hardcore gay police officers too! Needless to say it’s going to end up on the blog for you guys to check out. So I’ll tell you a little about it and then give you some pics to appreciate. Of course, if...

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Featured Scene: A workroom full of cocks

This is all about the thick uncut cock action and bareback fucking, it just so happens to also be a bareback gay threeway with plenty of muscle too! It’s from the Bareback Monster Cocks section of the Staxus site, and I think this is one of those videos a lot of you who are into meaty dicks and muscle are really going to enjoy. Members,...

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