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Tag: gay uniform sex

Coming Soon on Staxus: Two Hot, Horny Students Kill Time With A Raw, Cum-Drenched Flip-Flop Desktop Fuck!

Gay uniform sex is a big thing on the Staxus site right now, and we’ve been enjoying some of the most intensely hot action between student boys in some of the recent videos. This new arrival coming soon to the site is continuing that theme, with fan fave Jaxon Radoc enjoying some raw dicked action with new boy Louis Blakeson. It seems that this video...

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Coming Soon on Staxus: Horny boy scouts

I was going to tie this new scene coming to the Staxus site into the recent story about Boy Scouts in the USA, but I have a feeling that would be treading on dangerous ground for some reason. Needless to say, there are plenty of gay scouts out there and we could focus on that for this new video, but I think I’m going to...

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