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Tag: gay spitroasting

Featured Scene: Dealing with morning ‘woodies’

Yes, I found another hot threesome twink video on the Staxus site this afternoon that I was really surprised I hadn’t shared with you guys yet. So, here it is, ready for you to enjoy ;) I guess it’s safe for me to assume that I am not the only one who often feels the need to have a breakfast wank and deal with my...

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Featured Scene: A young stud build

I was going to spend a little while trying to work out which of these boys is which, but I eventually decided that it doesn’t matter that much. This Staxus video is all about the gay threesome fucking between Jan Kral, Genadij Prokov and Denis Reed, and every one of them is hot and horny to watch in this session. We kick things off with...

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Featured Scene: Blue collar four-way

It’s Friday everyone!!! *does a little happy chair dance* ;) I guess a lot of you are happy too, now that the working week is pretty much over for most of us. I have a feeling a lot of you will be out on the town looking to hook up with some horny guys, and I’ll be out there too! I have a couple of...

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Featured Scene: The party goes on!!

How is the weather where you are? The heatwave seems to have broken in the UK and finally I’m not sweating my arse off every time I move, but it’s still nice enough outside to make me want to be out there and away from my desk! I have another gay outdoor porn video for you guys a little later on, and it’s one that...

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Featured Scene: Vulnerable shaved hole

Is Tuesday a good or a bad day? I guess it all depends, but you can at least know that if you’re having a bad Tuesday (or any day for that matter) you have a whole lot of action to have fun with on the Staxus site! ;) I have a new scene for you guys a little later, and it’s in the Staxus Older/Younger...

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Featured Scene: Dark haired and tanned muscle

Good evening all my lovely Staxus fans. I hope you’re having a great night and looking forward to the weekend, whatever it is that you’re planning to do. I have a friend arriving in town tonight for a weekend at my place, and I’m really looking forward to it. I have no doubt we’ll end up watching some of the videos on the site over...

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Featured Scene: Smoking hot scene!!

I just found another really sexy Staxus scene with Cameron Jackson, and it’s one of those where he’s playing the role of a pilot too (I do love seeing him in uniform! lol) He’s not in uniform for too long though, because soon he’s hauling out his uncut cock with the other boys he finds getting high in a room. George Plozen and Mark Zebro...

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