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Tag: Gay Military Sex

Coming Soon on Staxus: It’s First-Class Travel All The Way As Benjamin Dunn Gives His Army Pal A Hard Raw Fuck!

I guess I should say first of all that the timing of these gay military sex scenes is accidental. I know a lot of people are paying attention to what’s happening in Ukraine right now, so seeing some men in uniform on the news and then coming here to see more boys in uniform sharing their cocks with each other might make it seem as...

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New Scene on Staxus: Milan Sharp Gets His Ass Filled With Big Black Cock & Oodles Of Black Spunk!

Barrington Peart is back again with his big black cock in this new bareback ass slamming scene on the Staxus site, and if you enjoyed seeing him sliding those long inches into the pale little ass of Milan Sharp last time you will definitely want to check out this repeat performance with him claiming the snug little hole of Tim Walker! There has been a...

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New Scene on Staxus: Cutest navy cadets

So we have a brand new video on the Staxus site, and it’s another in the gay military sex theme – come on, we all love the sight of some hot and hunky men in uniform getting their cocks out, or some twinky boys servicing some army fuckmeat! ;) This one really has a hot duo too. First of all we have the muscled and...

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Featured Scene: A great, thick knob

Now, I know some of you might have a problem with the title of this video on the Staxus site, because although both these military boys are hot to watch and have some really deliciously suckable cocks, neither is what I would call really thick when it comes to his junk. But, that is just the title, and it’s all about personal perspective. Maybe the...

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Coming Soon to Staxus: A double cocked raw fuck

You know we’re winding down the gay military sex scenes we’re adding to the Staxus site. I feel it’s necessary to state for the record that this doesn’t mean we’re ending them completely! Obviously our members know that the whole military thing is very popular here, we all love to see some really hot young men in military gear sharing their dicks with each other....

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Video Trailer: New Gay Army Movie!

Don’t you just love exclusive peeks at something hard and horny that no one else knows about? I’ve been living with this sexy little secret for a few weeks now, just waiting to be able to share this hardcore action with you all and tease you with what’s to come. We have a brand new Staxus gay army movie coming out next month, and it’s...

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Featured Scene: A hard fuck

Some videos on the Staxus site just tell it like it is, and this would be one of them! It’s all about the hard fuck, two horny guys getting some cock action – with gay military sex and a hot medical theme to it too. I remember when this scene with Gavin Hitchman and Ben Alcock was filmed, and we were doing a lot of...

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Featured Scene: Can’t resist a uniformed cock

We’ve all heard stories about what happens in the military. They have special rules, and although so many army men are under scrutiny for being gay, it doesn’t stop guys from enjoying their cocks together in some real hard action. That’s what the Staxus Uniform videos do for me, they make me think about all the army cock guys in the services share on the...

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