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Tag: cum tasting boys

Featured Scene: Hot sex in the bathroom

I remember when I moved into my first flat with a friend of mine and we had sex all over the place within the first month. I guess a lot of people do that when they first get into a new home, and I suppose it’s the novelty of being somewhere new and having all that room to play. This Staxus video might not be...

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Featured Scene: An awesome session on the couch

Ah, it’s the middle of the week, so hopefully you’ve all gotten over any Monday blues by now and can all look forward to the weekend. If there are any readers out there still not feeling absolutely positive about things then I think I might have the antidote with a couple of posts today from scenes on the Staxus site. You saw some pics of...

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Featured Scene: Hard cock into tight hole

I have to start this post off with saying a big hello to all our regular readers on the East coast of the US, currently facing a record-breaking storm. I’m sure news has travelled around the world and a lot of our readers are following what’s happening. So if you are in the area, please stay safe and know that a lot of people around...

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