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Tag: Chris Rosso

Featured Scene: A boxing match

After the last gay bukkake video I featured on the Staxus blog I really got in the mood for a hardcore gay orgy video, and it didn’t take me long to find a great one to jerk off over either! This is one that I haven’t featured on the blog before, and I was really surprised that I hadn’t watched it yet either. The scenes...

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Featured Scene: Hard condom free fucking

I was looking back through some of the older scenes on the site this afternoon and one of my buddies got me on instant messenger, telling me about one of the scenes he’d just watched on the Staxus site. He knows what I love, and he definitely knows what gets my cock hard. So I went to take a look and found that it was...

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Featured Scene: Three randy lads camping

What is is about camping that gets guys super horny? I know I’m not the only one who’s experienced this. And I actually got thinking about that after the last post about military men fucking each other. I know of at least two guys who used to be in the military and say they’d jerked off and sucked cock in their tent with a buddy...

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