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Tag: Alex Granger

Featured Scene: A hot hunk’s cock

I have to admit that I am a little confused about something… Is this Alex Granger, or Alex Grander? He seems to be called both on the Staxus site, and I’m never sure which to use. I guess I’ll go with Granger considering there are more scenes under that name than the alternative. Regardless of the specifics of his name, it really has no bearing...

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Featured Scene: Have they got talent?

I guess we know the answer to that question posed in the title of this gay bareback video in the Staxus Raw collection! And before you ask, the answer is yes, yes they do indeed have talent! ;) This is the kind of talent show I can appreciate. Forget all that bullshit TV with glorified karaoke singers humiliating themselves to be judged by old pop...

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Featured Scene: Spunk-drenched duo

Oh man, I love these locker room sex scenes on the Staxus site! Although they might sometimes seem a little predictable in story line, there is no denying they are hot, especially for guys like me who like to go to the gym and get so turned on with all those hot guys walking around with chubby cocks. ;) We actually start this one off...

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Featured Scene: Hot, hot, hot

I was pretty sure that I had featured this Staxus scene on the blog already, but after a little searching it seems that I had somehow missed it! So, I’m correcting that now, because I think you really deserve to see the immense muscle bottom Rolando Wyer getting inches of dribbling cock in his mouth and butt from Alex Granger and Jesse Shaw! Jesse and Rolando...

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Featured Scene: A twinky little cock-whore

Some boys really live up to their characters in the Staxus scenes they appear in. There is no doubt that a lot of our boys are always horny for cock, and you wouldn’t believe how many times the crew have caught guys sucking and fucking off set, or how many times someone in the office has turned a corner to find a boy stroking his...

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