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Tag: Alan Craft

Featured Scene: A stunning, sensual encounter

As is often the case on the Staxus site, a scene title gives a good idea of what you can expect in a video. This one is pretty spot on, but there’s no room to add that there’s some big uncut cocks to enjoy with Alan Craft and Philippe Delvaux in this impressive pairing! A shared and relaxed drink leads to a lot more between...

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Featured Scene: The last cumshots!

Hey guys, happy Friday! I’m having an amazing day today, I’ve been out house hunting and found a place I can imagine living in for a while, big and clean and sunny (at the moment at least lol) and I’m totally now lost in my own little mind thinking about what I can do the place ;) And of course it’s Friday night, so it’s...

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Featured Scene: Tennis

I hope you’ve had a good weekend! I know that a few of you probably went out last night and might be feeling a little “delicate” today, but in my experience guys also get really horny with a hangover too, so I’ve been looking through the Staxus site (like I usually do every single day lol) to find you something horny to jerk off over....

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Featured Scene: Birthday present

Yesterday I mentioned a that a friend of mine is thinking about letting his fuck buddy take their gay anal to the next level with some hardcore toys, and one of the members of the Staxus site sent me the link to this video (thanks man!) I think I might have to share this one with my friend too and let him see how big...

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