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New Scene On Staxus:  Monster-Hung Artist Gets His Arse Pounded Raw By Hot Newbie!

New Scene On Staxus:  Monster-Hung Artist Gets His Arse Pounded Raw By Hot Newbie!

Okay, so Joel Tamir isn’t going to be winning many awards for his artistic talents – most of us can draw a stickman, after all! – but there won’t be too many of you horny fuckers worrying about that during the course of today’s fantastic offering on!

No, the likes of Constable and Renoir can rest easy in their graves. But what this favourite little slut of ours lacks in creative flare, he sure as fuck makes up for in the size of his monstrous, uncut schlong – a fact that new boy, Peter Aalen, has clearly been very well aware of prior to this shoot.

What’s more, Peter clearly can’t wait to skewer his new-found mate, taking the first chance on offer to fill Joel’s ever-hungry arsehole with his own impressive meat. All of which soon results in both fellows squirting out fantastic bevvies of delicious, pent-up baby-brew!

So head to right now – and if you’re not a member, make sure that situation changes today by taking advantage of our 25% discount offer that we’re currently running.

And don’t forget to let us know what you think of Peter Aalen’s first ever performance – and whether you’d like to see more of him in the near future!