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Playing Rugby Helped Me Accept Being Gay

Playing Rugby Helped Me Accept Being Gay

Whilst we await the release of the next fantastic scene on – featuring a rather claustrophobic (but fucking horny!) encounter Ron Negba and Beno Eker – we thought we’d take a break from porn (for just one day, we promise) to highlight an article that recently appeared on the BBC website about one young man’s experience of how sport helped him come to terms with himself.

For some of us, being gay or bisexual is never really an issue. For others, however, life just ain’t that simple. Maybe one day we’ll live in a world where we’re not judged by our sexuality. Until then, however, it might be worth taking inspiration from guys like Alex, who demonstrate how sport isn’t always just about winning.

Indeed, for this young man, playing the game was all about achieving a personal victory – which, as any wise person will tell you, is always ultimately more satisfying than any cup-winning medal.

Try telling that to a Frenchman at the moment, though … LOL