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Coming Soon On Staxus: Ron And Carl Make Liam’s Biggest Dream Cum True!

Coming Soon On Staxus: Ron And Carl Make Liam’s Biggest Dream Cum True!

Ron, you dirty, little fuck-pig! :D

If I was allowed to pick one boy to take with me to a deserted island, where I will spend the rest of my life, I would definitely choose no-one else but Ron Negba.

You wonder why? I mean, his hot & sexy look isn’t enough reason for such a vital decision?

The reason is that Ron always succeeds in thoroughly entertaining me. Right now, I’m watching the next BIG porn flick with Liam Stone and new boy Carl Chater – and who is it who impresses me? Ron!

When you watch his scene this Sunday on, I recommend to pay attention to the 7th and 8th minute, where Ron rims ass like no-one else can. He’s not doing it for his sense of obligation, no! He’s rimming with such passion and pure lust that I cannot get rid of my boner without cumming to this great tongue show!

Just moments later, Ron fucks Liam (as perfect as a fuck can be) and shares his new boy-toy Liam with Carl, who surely couldn’t be happier to have such a master on his side to learn from!

Ron, you’re my man! Look out, when I get my fingers on you (or your cock!), I won’t let you go for a single second! Haha

Look forward to a great threesome and to the truly unforgettable Ron Negba this Sunday at!