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Behind The Scenes Of “The Sphere” with Lucas, Beno and Joel!

Behind The Scenes Of “The Sphere” with Lucas, Beno and Joel!

Oh, I can well imagine how excited you are to watch Lucas’ hot double penetration tomorrow on!

It’s a really fantastically crafted twink porn scene, and you can easily tell how everyone involved put a lot of effort into creating such a ball-bustin’ DP cum-feast for your eyes!

With “everyone involved”, I don’t just refer to our magnificent boys spreading their legs for both their and our pleasure, but also to the great camera team – and today you can see on our exclusive backstage pics how our team looks like in action :)

You’ll certainly recognise director John Smith and Mark, our little snitch (love you, Mark ;) ) when it comes to interesting, sometimes embarrassing, happenings during a gay porn shooting. You’ll also see a rather new member of our team who takes all those backstage pics which bring you a little bit closer to the action on set; and closer to the boys! :)

Thanks, Jerry, for all your nice photos; and keep an eye on all our lovely pups!