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Model Focus: Jace Reed

Model Focus: Jace Reed

When Jace Reed arrived at STAXUS back in December 2013 he grabbed a lot of attention, and with good reason. What’s not to love about this lean and horny guy with a big uncut cock and a penchant for bareback fucking other horny dudes?

There was more than just his 8.7″ uncut cock to get the attention of the fans and the other models, though. He jumped right in with one of the hottest guys and fucked muscle boy Dick Casey for his debut. Dick had always been a top in his videos and had only just recently tried bottoming, so appearing with a new boy with such a big cock was really a pretty big deal for him. Needless to say he loved it, and Jace most certainly did too.

So, what can I tell you about the horny and hung Czech boy that you might not have known before? I can tell you that when he started out in porn he was also working as a builder. He wasn’t at all worried about his colleagues finding out about his video work either, because he was never shy about his cock and they all knew he had a big one. They also knew that he was very sexually driven and was known for his wanking habits and his hooking up with random people whenever he got the chance. I don’t think any of them would have been particularly surprised to see him feeding other dudes his dick and ramming it deep into their butts.

He had obvious skills right from the start. As a lot of you will know, it’s not all about the size of the dick, it’s how you use it, and Jace definitely knew how to use his. After that first video a lot of the greedy boys around here at the time were apparently calling up and asking to be in the next video with him, and a lot of them got the chance to experience that cock for themselves in the following months and years.

In his three years with us making videos he appeared in twenty-nine great scenes, with all kinds of guys and all kinds of action. He made a lot of friends over that time; he was always one of the nicest and funniest guys to have around on set and he never let a bad joke go to waste.

There’s a far too much great action for me to put it all here in the post, but check out some pics of some of his amazing scenes and click through to check them out on the site. I’ve got another post coming up to highlight one of his best videos, so stick around for that!

Click here to see his profile and check out all the videos this talented guy appeared in.