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Detailed model interview with gorgeous young and athletic Lucas Drake

Detailed model interview with gorgeous young and athletic Lucas Drake

We have so many stunning young men appearing at STAXUS it can be a little overwhelming at times. We’ve found out quite a lot about plenty of them on the blog through our little interviews over the last few years but I think this interview with handsome and fit young Czech boy Lucas Drake is likely to be one of the most anticipated. So, sit back, relax, and find out more about one of your favorite versatile boys!

STAXUS: I always like to start by asking how you got into the business. Why did you decide to work in the porn industry?

LUCAS: I have always loved porn and hot boys, but never really thought about working in porn myself. Then I had a chance meeting with Timmy Treasure and suggested that I join Staxus and try it. I loved the videos Staxus makes already, so I did it. And I have to say I am very glad I did!

STAXUS: Most guys seem to have the idea that porn is all about sex and having fun, but it is what you thought it would be?

LUCAS: It is fun but takes more work that you can imagine. I thought it would be more simple but with Staxus everything is very professional. You feel like an artist.

STAXUS: And you’re a very talented artist too! I’ve seen all of your videos and I can’t pick a favorite, but do you have a favorite scene you’ve been in?

LUCAS: That is very difficult to say. Everyone was great in his own way. I really liked the scene with Angel Lopez in “Face To Face”, but the threesome with Ray Mannix and Kris Blent was nice, too.

STAXUS: They’re all very good choices, I think the fans would agree. Are they your type? Is there something about the all that you really love?

LUCAS: It depends a bit on my mood. Usually I like slim boys of my age, but sometimes I feel that I need an older man who tells me what to do.

STAXUS: I think that’s probably common, everyone has varied tastes it seems. Do you have any favorite things you like to do with guys?

LUCAS: I love sucking, but I would never rarely say no if someone offered me a blowjob. I enjoy being penetrated and I think I would call myself an active bottom.

STAXUS: You probably weren’t a bottom right from the start though, I assume. What was your first experience with another guy like?

LUCAS: It was in the school toilets when we spent the night in the school with my class at the end of the year. Some of us boys met in the toilets and we wanked. No one touched the other, but back then I enjoyed it with gay pleasure while the others just wanked to cum.

STAXUS: That sounds pretty hot! I’d love to see that reenacted on video. What’s the dirtiest thing you’ve done and maybe we could see that on video one day too?

LUCAS: The most dirty thing I did was probably showing the fans my big black dildo in one of my videos. It needs some courage to present the dildo in action you usually use alone at home.

STAXUS: Ah, so we’ve covered both bases with that one! Speaking of your private life, do you have a job other than being an amazing porn star?

LUCAS: Yes, I have another regular job. I work as hair dresser and I am very happy doing it. I like to make people more beautiful and I am happy when customers leave the shop with a smile.

STAXUS: That sounds fulfilling. Now back to sex! Do you have any fantasies you would love to live out and experience?

LUCAS: I have the sexual fantasy to be fucked on stage and the audience shouts and applauds.

STAXUS: That sounds great. We’ve had a couple of our stars before on stage at events and it was amazing to see. One of our guys puts on live shows with toys and things too. You mentioned your dildo, do you have other toys at home?

LUCAS: I have several toys at home. Dildos, plugs and tunnels. Just lately I ordered myself some nipple clamps, but I haven’t had the chance to try them yet.

STAXUS: I’m sure your fans would gladly line up to offer to help you with that! How about underwear, the fans really like to know what kind of underwear our stars like.

LUCAS: On set, I like to show off with jock straps, because they put emphasis on my ass. In private life I like it traditional and sexy. I have briefs as well as shorts. But no white underwear please haha

STAXUS: We have another model who has a fetish for jock straps, he loves wearing them. He’s into a lot of things though, like pissing. Would you like to be pissed on? I don’t think it’s something you’ve done yet.

LUCAS: It is not one of my favourite things but well… never say never!

STAXUS: How about outdoor sex? I heard from someone else that you really like it outdoors.

LUCAS: It was on a walk with my boyfriend. He fucked me on a wood pile, not far away from the path. We always expected some dog and his master to come along, but luckily no one disturbed us. To be honest, it was just a quickie, but it was hot nevertheless.

STAXUS: That sounds good. I don’t know what I would do if I was on a walk and saw you like that! Now we’re getting into the last few questions so these are pretty normal ones… Do you have siblings?

LUCAS: Yes, but they do not want to be named in public.

STAXUS: Of course. How about sexuality, I guess we know you’re gay but have you always known you’re into guys?

LUCAS: Yes, I am. Since I was in my teenager days I felt attracted by men.

STAXUS: I guess that’s like most guys. I knew when I was quite young but still had girlfriends for a little while. Speaking of which, do you have a boyfriend now?

LUCAS: Yes, I am so happy! I wish everyone out there to find his personal Mr. Perfect!

STAXUS: Well, I’m jealous of him! Thank you for answering our probing questions, I can’t wait to see you again in the future, and maybe we can make some of those fantasy videos happen for you and the fans in the future.

If you haven’t seen Lucas Drake on video before then you simply have to click through and check out all the videos he’s been in. Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite video starring the sexy young man.