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You’ll be glad to know Bjorn Nykvist is back soon, and look who he’s appearing with!

You’ll be glad to know Bjorn Nykvist is back soon, and look who he’s appearing with!

If you could team up handsome and fit new boy Greg Noll with any of our STAXUS stunners, who would you choose?

Even though there’s a long list of amazing performers he probably wants to appear with (plenty of new boys arrive with a list in their head of who they want to get some fun with!) I think a lot of you probably just said tall and slim Bjorn Nykvist would make a great scene partner for him, am I right?

If you did then you’re about to become a very happy viewer (not that you weren’t already, of course!) because after a couple of months away from the site Bjorn is returning to get some big bareback uncut cock in the new finale for the Out of the Woods series, and hung young new arrival Greg is the one easing his length into him!

It’s been two months since we last saw Bjorn getting some dick, bottoming for handsome young hottie Rudy Stone in the Bare Buff Builders series. He got a lot of love for that one, but it’s not too surprising considering he’s been a very popular young man since he arrived in January last year.

And, of course, good-looking young man Greg has been a fan fave since he appeared just at the start of last month. The handsome boy has a great body and a really sexy long cock to share with the guys, and whether he’s been top or bottom he’s been gaining a lot of fans who want to see a lot more of him – me included.

He’s proven himself to be something of a natural. He’s one of those guys who oozes eagerness and cock lust from the moment the cameras start rolling.

I’m not gonna tell you a whole lot about the video these guys are delivering, because that would kind of spoil it for a lot of you and I have some more blog posts to share with you to get the word out in the coming week, but I can tell you that from what I’ve seen these boys really had a great time together.

Then again, I find myself saying that about basically every pairing, because the guys at STAXUS always love to be on set with each other and our pairings are pretty much always amazing to watch. When it comes to chemistry our stars have a whole lot of it and they always deliver great videos.

Stick around on the blog for more about this duo, you don’t have to wait too long to see these lads getting it on :)

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