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On set with Mark: Spooky happenings while filming Bare Buff Builders

On set with Mark: Spooky happenings while filming Bare Buff Builders

This is pretty good timing!

I’ve always been fascinated by haunting stories and the paranormal and would love to investigate a place like this, but even I would freak out if I was on a porn shoot with STAXUS and things started happening.

I heard from Mark the other day, our buddy on set with STAXUS and the one who brings us some interesting stories about the things we might not see on camera, and we got to talking about Halloween and whether any of the boys believe in ghosts.

It seems as though some of the boys who shot for the Bare Buff Builders series probably do now, if they didn’t before.

If you haven’t seen the videos in the series I need to tell you that most of them were shot on a very old property out in the countryside, a place that was left abandoned for more than 20 years before a wealthy businessman moved in and started renovating the house.

The property is surrounded by woodland and gardens (the same location used for the outdoor scenes in Out of the Woods), with many of the random buildings still being fixed up.

One of those little outbuildings is where scene 4 with Chester Owen and David Hollister was filmed.

Anyway, during the setting up of all the equipment Mark tells me they started noticing little things going wrong. A couple of cables disappeared and were only discovered in another room fifteen minutes later after a thorough search.

Half an hour later two water bottles fell off a shelf, landing in different directions. An hour after that one of the light stands fell over, without any explanation found as to why.

Mark thought at the start that perhaps someone else on the crew was playing a practical joke on them, but then things started happening while no one else was around but him and one of his crew buddies.

The lights would flicker like crazy for a couple of minutes and then stop, they heard footsteps over the audio recording and had to do second takes, Mark even says he was certain he heard someone whisper something over his shoulder and when he looked there was no one there. That was while Chester and David were in the middle of fucking!

It seems as though they had a day of minor little creepy things happening all around them, and by the end of it everyone was talking about how strange it all was and no one really thought anyone was playing any jokes at all.

I know there have been other stories about strange things happening on set, but it seems to me this was the most actively creepy place STAXUS has ever shot a video.

Mark says they didn’t tell Chester or Owen anything about any of this and tried to play it down when anything else happened, because they didn’t want to distract them from the shoot and each other.

I think they succeeded in that, the boys delivered a great fuck despite all the strangeness happening to everyone else.

And now I’m left wondering what the ghost might have been thinking if it could see what was happening there :)