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Model Focus: Jaro Stone

Model Focus: Jaro Stone

I know what some of the fans will be thinking right now… why are you featuring one of the most gorgeous young stars on the STAXUS site once again when he hasn’t been in a video for three months!? No, I’m not doing this to torture you, read the entire post about the stunning young Jaro Stone and you’ll find out why I need to tell all the new guys about him and remind all our dedicated fans of him too.

It’s been about three months since we last saw handsome young Czech star Jaro Stone on the site, sharing his rather impressive near-9-inch uncut cock with adorable hung hottie Bjorn Nykvist, and understandably that video got a whole lot of love from the fans.

Who wouldn’t want to see these hung young performers engaging in some incredible bareback sex?

But that scene was just one of 20 that the handsome young man has been in since he arrived back in October 2014, and every one of them is worth checking out. There’s a reason he became one of the most popular stars we’ve ever seen on the site.

Obviously, he’s incredibly good looking, and he has an amazing body to go with that perfect face. He has the most kissable lips, the smoothest athletic build, an ass we would all love to plunge our own dick into and a cock we could worship for hours before finally giving in to the ultimate temptation, sliding down on it to take him for a ride.

He’s been one of the most popular boys with the other performers too. He’s one of the stars almost all the new arrivals mention when they’re asked who they would love to appear with.

Not all of them have had that opportunity, but I get the feeling the guys in the office would love to make that happen and give every new the guy the chance to go up against this handsome young guy.

Although he’s mostly a top, we have seen him giving up his tight little hole for some hard young cock to slide in deep. I’ll be featuring that on the blog very shortly so stick around for a little more.

You guys know I like to find out a little about what a boy is like on set, and I can tell you that all the other boys he’s appeared with loved sharing some screen time with Jaro. They’ve all commented on how horny he is, how good he is at sucking cock, and how amazing his dick feels inside them. Rest assured this boy knows how to make another boy spurt masses of cum, but then you’ve probably worked that out for yourself if you’ve seen him in action.

So, it’s time for the little nugget of goodness you’ve all been waiting for…

Yes, Jaro is back next month!

I don’t know how many videos he’s going to be appearing in, nor do I know the theme of those videos just yet, but I am so excited to be able to tell you that he’s making his return and he’s going to be sharing his big uncut cock with one of the hottest new arrivals too.

Stick around for more information on that when I have it, but in the meantime you really need to go and check out some of the highlights of his time on the site sharing that 9″ uncut cock in some amazing bareback videos.

I’ve grabbed some pics from my faves below, click each to go and check out the video :)