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Detailed model interview with fit new Icelandic boy Charlie Keller

Detailed model interview with fit new Icelandic boy Charlie Keller

I’m a pretty good judge of when a new boy is going to be popular, and I was quite certain when I saw the first pics of handsome Icelandic boy Charlie Keller that he was going to get pulses racing among the fans. Of course, he’s gained a lot of attention for his versatile ways and his impressive meaty uncut cock, and I expect his popularity to only increase with every new video.

I’m guessing you would all love to know more about the boy, right? Check out this exclusive interview with the handsome fresh arrival and leave a comment at the bottom, let him know what you think!

STAXUS: Boys come into porn for various reasons, but what was it that got you started? Why did you want to make videos?

CHARLIE: I thought it was exciting and I’m always keen to try new things.

STAXUS: Ah, curiosity and horniness! A great combination. Was it everything you thought it would be?

CHARLIE: It was way harder than I had expected but not much different.

STAXUS: Yes, I think a lot of guys have expectations that are a little different to reality, but has it been good working for STAXUS?

CHARLIE: Yes, of course! I love working for the company, it’s been amazing. The thing I like the most is the trust within the company. I feel really loved and taken care of.

STAXUS: I’m glad to hear it, it really is a good company to work for. We have some great boys to film with too. Do you have a favorite yet? What was the best scene so far?

CHARLIE: Considering I’m very new to the site my favorite scene would have to be with Rudy Stone, Out of the Woods scene 3.

STAXUS: He’s a gorgeous boy, with a great body. Is he the kind of boy you like? What kind of guys are you into?

CHARLIE: When they are a bit muscular, not to big though. I like when they have muscular thighs, it also turns me on if they have a nice cock!

STAXUS: He does have a hot body and a great dick. It looked like you had fun with him. Is that a good representation of what you like to do with guys? Are you a top or a bottom?

CHARLIE: I’m manly a top but I do enjoy bottoming too. And it’s always fun to play with a guy’s cock and balls. I think the most sexy thing is when both of us cum at the same time and the bottom cums all over me. I love that!

STAXUS: It seems as though you’re pretty experienced, what was your first time like?

CHARLIE: It was younger and had my first boyfriend, it was in a boat that was on land and it was in a small town in Iceland, it was very romantic HAHAH.

STAXUS: That does sound very romantic! Your videos are a little dirtier than that though, you really seem to get into it with your scene partners. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve done with a guy?

CHARLIE: I once fisted someone, but that’s about as dirty as I have gotten. I do like it when some one just hammers me though!

STAXUS: We’ve seen that and it was one of the best videos I watched recently. I really enjoyed watching you working hard to get that dick. And speaking of working hard, do you have a job not in porn?

CHARLIE: No, I don’t have another job at the moment. When I’m not working for Staxus I just like to relax and spend time with my family and friends. I really enjoy traveling too, and seeing where the wind takes me.

STAXUS: That sounds a bit adventurous! You seem quite daring, do you have any fantasies you could share with us?

CHARLIE: I’m not really sure, I don’t have that many desires. I just like sex.

STAXUS: I’m sure you’ll have some fantasies in the future, maybe we could make some of them happen on video at some time? I know a lot of the fans like orgies and seeing boys playing with toys and things, so maybe something like that?

CHARLIE: I do have butt plugs and dildos, It’s always fun to play with them when I’m horny. So maybe something like that for a video some time? :)

STAXUS: We like finishing an interview asking about underwear, do you have any special undies or things you really like? Any styles or colors you prefer?

CHARLIE: I love my jockstraps and like them in every colour!

STAXUS: Thanks for the interview, Charlie! Do you have any last thing to say for the fans?

CHARLIE: Just that I hope they like my videos and that I can make more great ones for them in the future. Thanks!

If you haven’t seen the videos handsome and fit young Charlie Keller has been in already I recommend clicking through and taking a look at his profile. He’s a great guy and a wonderful performer, we certainly thank him for this interview and we look forward to seeing more from him in the future.