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Coming Soon on Staxus: Brand new boys Robin Rhea and Sivan Ozzi share some raw dick fun!

Coming Soon on Staxus: Brand new boys Robin Rhea and Sivan Ozzi share some raw dick fun!

I need to start this off by telling you about a friend I knew years ago.

This guy was straight, and in a relationship with the sister of one of my good buddies, and one afternoon while talking crap about sex he announced that he’d had some fun with some guys while he was in the military.

Looking back on it now I think he was looking to get blown or maybe just have a wank with a couple of horny lads, but whatever his deal was there was no doubt that he’d had some jerk off buddies while he was in the British army.

I still think about that guy today and wonder what could have happened if I’d had the balls to offer some mutual play with the guy.

I think hearing that from the guy (and he was really hot, handsome and built too) might be what started my fascination with guys in the armed forces.

It’s one of the things that got me interested in STAXUS back in the day, too. I remember first signing up and going straight to some of those group military scenes and having a good time wanking out plenty of loads to those handsome military lads sharing their cocks with each other :)

We’ve had a lot more military fun since then, too, and we’re about to get even more with the new Charlie Foxtrot series.

We’re kicking that off with gorgeous new boys Robin Rhea and Sivan Ozzi in a couple of days, and I have the trailer to share with you!

The sexy young stars are comrades in arms, training together, working out together, and enjoying their cocks and cum loads together too :)

Rhea is the shaggy-haired cutie slurping on the delicious weapon his buddy has for him to taste, showing off his natural skills and obvious hunger as he licks, sucks and laps the precum from his friend.

His own tempting cock is soon getting much the same treatment from his friend Sivan, his length deliciously serviced to the point of almost making us all gush a hot load out a little too early.

I warn you, though, you’ll want to hold back and make the most of this session, the sight of Sivan licking out that pucker and sliding his naked inches into his soldier buddy is not to be missed.

The fucking this boy delivers to his comrade is amazing, and his friend clearly loves every second of that deep and raw plunging, wanking himself off and building up the pleasure until the inevitable messy climax is upon us all.

We all love a great facial, right? Make sure you hold back for the final moments as these boys gush their cream in a spectacular display.

If you want to check out some of the previous military videos on the site I would recommend clicking through and doing a little digging using the tags. In the meantime, whet your appetite with this trailer and be back for the arrival of the full video.