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Behind the Scenes: Rudy Stone and Charlie Keller on set for Out of the Woods scene 3

Behind the Scenes: Rudy Stone and Charlie Keller on set for Out of the Woods scene 3

Imagine, if you will, strolling through the woods one sunny afternoon and stumbling across the incredible vision of handsome jock boy Rudy Stone plunging his naked uncut cock in and out of the delectable ass of horny bottom Charlie Keller.

Yeah, I think you would probably all stop and enjoy the show, probably with your dick in your fist :)

Believe me, I would be there to rub one out and enjoy all the action the boys share, all while hoping they suddenly decide they need a third guy to have some fun.

Well, you might not be there to enjoy the full live sex show these boys put on, but we do get a sneaky little look at what it was like for the two on set in this behind the scenes post.

It’s not much, but it’s enough to whet our appetites and have us eager to see the young guys enjoying their dicks in the great outdoors.

It seems as though the boys had a good time. In fact, I know they did. If you haven’t seen the trailer for this coming video yet then I urge you to go and get a look at that.

What can I tell you about how things went on set? Well, it’s safe to say that some bug spray was needed at the start, which kind of dampened the mood just a little, but soon enough the boys were going at it and having an amazing time.

The setting is pretty impressive, I think it’s one that’s usually rented out for music videos, private corporate events and commercial shoots, but it seems the owners are happy to have a couple of horny young men enjoying themselves on their land.

You probably know we do outdoor fun pretty well, it’s something we get into every year when the weather is good and we can find the right locations. I don’t think STAXUS has used this location before, but after these recent shoots I guess we’ll be heading back there for some future outdoor frolicking.

I can’t wait to see these boys getting it on and enjoying those cocks together in the full video, you don’t have long to wait. If you haven’t seen Charlie in his debut I would recommend checking that out, and go and see the great videos Rudy has been in too, you’ll understand why he’s quickly become a fan fave!