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New Scene on Staxus: Newbie Gets Hole Fingered, Rimmed & Fucked By Big Raw Dick! HD

New Scene on Staxus: Newbie Gets Hole Fingered, Rimmed & Fucked By Big Raw Dick! HD

We all knew Greg Noll was going to be a star, and although I don’t think we were expecting him to come back so soon, for Out of the Woods scene 2, I think we’re all very glad he has.

This time he’s out in the countryside with brand new boy Charlie Keller, a handsome and lean star in the making who obviously knows how to use his delicious dick and snug hole expertly.

I have to say that although the first scene reminded me of the start of a horror movie, with Greg and Casey Flip heading into a barn to get their cocks out for some fun, this one is perhaps even more in line with that theme as Greg and Charlie find an old little cottage that looks like it hasn’t seen life for years.

Of course, there’s nothing horrific about this series, it’s all about the horny fun our boys share with each other.

With hard young cocks out for sucking the two handsome young men savor and slurp their shafts, swapping their cocks in a mutual oral session that will only have you wishing you were there to join in with them.

Really, you’re gonna be spending a while imagining what it would be like to have your cock in there with them, all sucking and gobbling those inches as helmets swell and leak precum.

But, don’t cum too early. I know a lot of you will probably be on the edge by this point and eager to bust that load out, but you need to see these guys fucking.

It was great seeing seeing the hung new boy Greg getting his hole stuffed in scene 1, but this time it’s him sliding his curved shaft into a tight and fleshy little ass and giving fresh arrival Charlie a good deep fucking.

We get a lot of great angles and some awesome positions between these boys, and the sight of his impressive cock easing in and out of that snug hole is incredible.

Ultimately it’s too much pleasure for these two boys to handle and their creamy shots are ready to spew. You’ll be right there with them when you see those dicks start splashing juice!

If you love facials (and I know you all do) you need to hold your goo back for the final moments of this scene.

Check out some of the photos and click through for the new video. Both boys are amazing and the fun they share is going to have you all erupting with them :)