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Coming Soon on Staxus: New boy Chester Owen is back for some fun with David Hollister!

Coming Soon on Staxus: New boy Chester Owen is back for some fun with David Hollister!

What happens when you team up a couple of gorgeous brand new boys to enjoy some bareback dick action? You get an amazing session of cock sucking and butt fucking like this new scene coming to the site.

It’s scene four of Bare Buff Builders, and it’s starring gorgeous young new arrivals Chester Owen and David Hollister, a couple of fresh faces who have already impressed the fans with their first forays onto the site.

We’ve seen Chester a couple of times now, enjoying a whole lot of bare cock in the Camping About series. This is only David’s second outing on the site, but after watching him plunging his cock in and out of gorgeous Connor Rex just last week I know you guys wanted more.

So, what are you gonna get from these two stunning young men in Bare Buff Builders scene 4? Well, I think you can probably imagine that it’s going to be amazing, but let me assure you with a little description of what to expect, before you scroll down to hit play on the trailer.

David is working out in the barn, getting all sweaty and looking totally delicious. His friend Chester has been hard at work out in the sun for a while and he’s eager to relax and enjoy himself. You can see where this is going already, right?

He’s welcomed immediately, with David clearly a little worked up from his efforts and just as eager to get some juicy cock between his lips.

There’s no denying that handsome and fit young David is the one in charge here. He’s soon feeding his friend his gorgeous hooded cock, fucking his mouth and giving Chester all the hard young man meat he could want.

He’s pretty insatiable, though, so you won’t be too surprised to see him getting that hole filled in when David turns his attention to that tight little hole.

I love seeing this handsome boy fucking a good bottom, and Chester is fast proving himself to be one of the most demanding and experienced young stars when it comes to taking a stiff length up his chute.

He loves getting fucked, and I mean absolutely LOVES it. We’ve seen some slutty boys on video over the years, but this new young arrival might be one of the best yet.

I think I speak for everyone when I say we want to see a lot more of both of these boys, but I know you’re gonna be thinking that when you see the full video arrive on the site.

Check out the trailer below, and click through to see the other videos in the Bare Buff Builders series.