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Coming Soon on Staxus: Camping buddies Casey Flip and Chester Owen

Coming Soon on Staxus: Camping buddies Casey Flip and Chester Owen

We enjoyed seeing new boy Chester Owen getting the raw cock of Rudy Stone in the opening scene of Camping About, but there’s more to come from this sexy new guy coming up in scene three for the same series.

This time he’s getting some horny fun with adorable young Casey Flip, and what a glorious sight it is!

I have to point out that if you try to reenact this scene, or the first in the Camping About series, it’s not as easy as it looks. Take it from someone who’s had some dick fun outside in much the same scenario, you need to think about bugs, and witnesses to your horny antics unexpectedly stumbling into view lol

They don’t seem to care about the possibility of being caught out in the open like this, but then again would any of us be thinking about that when there’s so much delicious uncut young cock to enjoy?

The boys are soon sucking on each other, deliciously servicing their friend and getting a taste of that juicy pink pole as they swap their shafts. Soon enough attention turns to Chester’s smooth and tight little hole, with adorable Casey fingering his pucker and prepping him for his naked cock.

He slides in, taking his time, with Chester seemingly wanting more and more. He gets it, too, Casey starts to really hump that butt right there on the ground, with Chester wanking himself off and building up the pleasure.

Cum lovers (all of us!) are really gonna love the sticky and tasty finish these boys give us in the final moments.

Enjoy the trailer, and if you haven’t watched the first two videos in this series I recommend clicking through and catching up before this third episode drops on the site :)