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Behind The Scenes of Police Action scene 1

Behind The Scenes of Police Action scene 1

I was hoping we might get a little peek behind the filming of Police Action scene 1, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised this morning with some sexy pics of handsome boys Rudy Stone and Johnathan Strake hanging out on set.

These Behind the Scenes posts always make me wish I had the chance to hang out on set with the boys while they’re filming! Do they still have “fluffers” in the porn business? lol

This coming video has been an interesting one for me, mainly because we get some kinky bondage fun to start the shoot, but also because we haven’t seen Johnathan for a few months now and I think a lot of the fans thought that maybe he’d moved on from making videos.

I know I’m not the only one so glad to see him back. He’s always a lot of fun on set and while he often looks pretty serious when he’s on video he’s apparently a bit of a joker and likes to mess around.

Of course, then there’s the fact that it’s an outdoor set for this one too, that makes it a little more special for me. You guys know I love it when we get to see some of the boys having some fun out in the open like this.

I can tell you guys a little more about what it was like shooting this. Apparently they ran out of cables to run lights, and as the sun wasn’t particularly bright on this day they had a little trouble getting the lighting right.

I guess you can see that from the pics. The boys had to hang around for a little while to get as much light as possible, waiting for the clouds to part. It all worked out in the end and from what I’ve seen of the video that lighting worked for the mood of the video.

I can also tell you that the boys had a lot of fun filming this. The straight jacket was worn by Johnathan in the video but Rudy couldn’t resist trying it on too, making jokes about how he needed one for home :)

If you haven’t seen the trailer for Police Action scene 1 yet you should click to check out the post yesterday and watch it. You don’t have to wait for long to see the full scene, that’s gonna be arriving on the STAXUS site tomorrow.

Let me know in the comments what you guys think. Are you looking forward to seeing Johnathan back? Has Rudy been impressing you with his topping skills so far?