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New Scene on Staxus: Wannabe Player Proves His Worth With A Spunky Fuck-Fest!

New Scene on Staxus: Wannabe Player Proves His Worth With A Spunky Fuck-Fest!

Well, who could have foreseen that a video with handsome boy Milan Sharp and adorable young twink Casey Flip would be so instantly popular? Oh, yes, we all knew :)

It’s scene four of the awesome Offside Trap series, and what a great addition to the story these boys have given us.

Young Casey is the sexy player looking to move up from the junior team to the seniors, but he needs a little help and the approval of handsome and fit young Milan. Of course, he has some special methods he can deploy to get the lean and horny young man on his side.

It’s not exactly difficult. I can’t imagine that any horny young man would be able to resist this sexy boy when he’s offering his uncut cock, even a straight boy would be a little curious about being sucked, gobbling Casey’s dick and sharing some anal fun with him!

But, for this one, it’s not Casey getting his butt stuffed, it’s Milan, and he loves every second of it as the boy slides into his hole and thrusts his boner in and out of that deliciously hot young ass.

I love the whole theme of these footballer boys getting their dicks out with each other, it makes me think that perhaps I should join a local team!

Check out some of the photos of these boys getting it on and click through for the full video. Let me know in the comments what you guys think of this pairing too! :)