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New Scene on Staxus: Hung Jury, Sc.4: Mega-Hung Brief Makes A Spunky Proposal To His Indecent Pup! HD

New Scene on Staxus: Hung Jury, Sc.4: Mega-Hung Brief Makes A Spunky Proposal To His Indecent Pup! HD

If you have something of a fetish for handsome young guys in sexy office attire this is the kind of scene that might, almost, make you want to get yourself into some legal trouble. Unfortunately, I don’t think you’re likely to find legal help from a boy like Milan Sharp, most legal bods seem to be dusty and twee and in their 50’s (which isn’t a bad thing, of course), so it’s probably best to go the more traditional routes to find an eager boy like him :)

We’re back with the Hung Jury series for this delicious offering, with incredibly sexy Martin Rivers playing the role of the boy in trouble. I like the little touch of his crime being one of public indecency! Whoever thought that little gem up should be rewarded.

Martin is the kind of boy who craves cock 24/7 (at least, on video he’s very much that kind of boy, but I suspect he’s not so different in real life). In a matter of moments he’s making a move on hung young professional Milan, and of course he can’t say no to such a tempting offer.

With big dicks soon out the two feast on each other’s boners, as any sane young man would in such a position. Sucking leads to rimming, which leads to fucking too as Milan slides his bare naked boner up into that licked reddened hole for some deep thrusting.

Every moment of the fucking these boys share is delicious, from the hole play to the final cum loads as Milan makes Martin gush his cream and delivers a huge mess of sticky goo all over the young man’s handsome face!

Even though this video hasn’t been on the site for very long it’s getting some great attention from the members. If you haven’t seen these incredible boys going at it in the office yet you need to click through and watch. In the meantime, here’s some pics to get you hard and wanting more :)