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The picture everyone wants to see! Lucas Drake and his rough ride on a black sausage

The picture everyone wants to see! Lucas Drake and his rough ride on a black sausage

Upon request of several fans I’m publishing this extremely hot picture of the adorably hot looking Lucas Drake riding an oversized black fuckstick!

Due to some unpleasant comments during the last days, please allow me to say it forthright: I do not want to start another discussion amongst fans about the pros and cons of interracial gay porn. Many people like it – some people like it not. If you’re not into well hung black dudes fucking a lovely slim twink, then better skip this blog post. It’s your choice :)

Okay, you are still here (good decision ;) ), so let’s talk a bit more about Lucas and his black lover.

We do not know much of the dark stallion yet, but I have seen other pics of him (see below) and I can tell you he’s a really good looking lad. Definitely no twink, but a sexy looking stud who knows how to make twinks happy. He has a little beard, earrings and on his right arm he has a tattoo. Nothing big, maybe the name of his first love as teenager, before greedy boys started offering their asses and before he started to seduce filthy little white twinks and fucking them senseless with his big tool? :D

I bet many of our twinks will stand in line to taste this delicious man meat! Lucas Drake, Martin Rivers and yes, the sweet and oh-so-innocent looking Connor Rex already enjoyed his arse splitting equipment.

Leave a comment and tell us which white guy you would like to see riding the brand new dark ramrod here at STAXUS!