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New Scene on Staxus: Playing with privates HD

Once again I have to admit that these gay army porn scenes on the Staxus site do make me consider all the things that I imagine happen in the barracks when no one is looking, and it makes me wonder if I should have joined the army a long time ago lol

I’m joking of course, I wouldn’t last a day in the military. I’m too strong willed and prone to question authority, so there’s no chance of me accepting a asshole shouting orders in my face, no matter how sexy they look in uniform ;)

And, once again, I’m not surprised to see this new gay army porn video getting some good votes and some positive responses either – I know that a few sites have been promoting this video already and they’re all very appreciative.

Tommy Lee makes a great bottom for sexy Will Sims, which is a reversal of the expected roles I guess. I know I’m not the only one who looks at a pairing and thinks they know who’s going to get it in the butt, and I’m often pleasantly surprised when I find it goes the other way.

Both of these boys have a lot of fans and followers out there thanks to some of their amazing previous appearances, and I think this one is only going to increase that audience.

Army porn with twink boys sharing some hot cum shots